Friday, November 20, 2009

Sneak Preview of Hudson Valley Wow Tv!

EPISODE ONE: Chef Ric Orlando from New World prepares Sweet Potato Salsa, Breakfast Club with Robin Kramer and Kiran Sancious (we're talking about PLEASURE), finding hotties in Phoenicia to help with Helping Hands Food Pantry...and last but not least, a bit of a bounty hunt in Adam's Fairacre Farms in Kingston!

I couldn't wait until the official date--so many were begging me to put up the first show!
Hope you enjoy it and I aim to get better! Also to include what YOU want to see.
I'm looking forward to green living, fine arts, nightlife, studio tours, meditation and yoga,
and profiles on the people and organizations that are helping make things happy around here.

Big huge thanks to all the people who helped me to do this little show, particularly Christopher who took off several days to shoot and was so patient!

If you've got a camera and/or a steady hand and want to be involved (credit only for now)
or maybe have some original music you'd like me to use with the stories, let me know!!!
Happy TGIF!

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