Friday, November 6, 2009

Hudson Valley WOW TV guests

Had a lot of fun the other day, shooting with fellow blogger, Robin Kramer, at her house in
a Breakfast Club segment, with her guest, Kiran Sancious. What we were talking about is
TOTALLY OUR BUSINESS! (Until you tune in to the show.)

Also, most delicious and healthy morning of our year, spent with Ric Orland0 in his kitchen, while he whipped up some wondrous goodies for us at New World Home Cooking, just outside of Woodstock. Want the recipes? You'll have them.

Had an interview with Kingston Dr. Dan Hafner and some of his associates about SWINE FLU and they were quite candid. I would trust him with my life--and have already done so a few times. He is one of those broke-the-mold sort of people, and as a doctor has an extraordinarily
rare balance of humanity and wisdom.

Now we are scouting a yoga person, and hope to visit several food pantries and organizations that are offering delicious and nutritious food to those of us who have been struggling in this economy. Have been interviewing random women about health care and hearing horror stories as well as innovative solutions.

P.S. Christopher has been offering his time as an angelic videographer and you will see his work and hear more about him!

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