Monday, January 4, 2016

Intention App: Just do it

 Say it. Touch the dot. Take action.

Premium version: Dot glows, spreads, becomes a radiant sun.
Opening bars of spirit-rousing music. 
Like this.
Or this.
might prefer this
or this or this.

Customizable human, mythical creature, coach maniac, superhero or awesome angel appears before you, intoning words of encouragement: 
You are entirely empowered! Got your back! Give it a shot! You can, you will and you are doing it!
Or perhaps just blinks.

Next: Set out. Take the action. Do your best.

Then: Report back. Text or call someone. Thank your Higher Power. Put it in your progress book. Tell me about it, I care!

Finally: Reward! A little ding. A karma point. An inner glow.
An innocent treat.

  If the goal is possible, worthy, and brings you in line with
your true self--then every step you take towards it 
somehow makes it run towards you. 

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