Friday, October 8, 2010

moby at woodstock farm animal sanctuary

Moby and chickens and Moby and the moon and Moby and pigs and Moby and roosters crowing,
a backporch benefit concert for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Moby played a long acoustic set with Kelli Scarr and Inyang Bassey, both with hit you in the heart voices, featuring some of his hits as well as a few quirky covers. See it now!
He sat in with the Mercury Rev Clear Light Ensemble, as they improvised a live orchestral soundtrack to the avante garde french children's film, the Red Balloon, which served as a projected backdrop to the performance. The players tracing the movements on the screen with their bows and hands. Exciting! (Video on this, down the line.)
Animals love Moby--(when I interviewed him, a turkey was listening with a real intensity in his eyes)--and Moby loves animals and this was a benefit for WFAS, run by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, providing sanctuary and care for hundreds of farm animals who have been rescued from torture and abuse. They also work on educating the public about living and acting humanely, with care for all sentient beings!
Sean Lennon and Chrissie Hynde and others played at their acoustic benefits this summer, and the roosters were jammin along every time!

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